Date: 2nd April 2019 08:30

This event is for anyone currently in a leadership role or aspiring leaders, who want to become more inclusive and effective in the way they work with other people.

Louise Teboul, from international leadership organisation, Common Purpose will run an interactive session on leadership and CQ. The session will explore the framework of ‘Core and Flex’ and encourage participants to consider how they can understand themselves better - to help them lead, and work with diverse teams, stakeholders and/or customers. Ultimately developing the ability to lead with CQ helps to create an inclusive culture.

The session will help participants consider how to:

  • develop self-awareness
  • build relationships with people different to them
  • have the benefits of more broad, diverse networks
  • be better able to work in collaboration with others

There are limited places at the event – to reserve your place email midlands@commonpurpose.org.uk

Location: Birmingham, to be announced