Date: 28th March 2019 11:00

Have you ever wondered how on earth you get into a tech or digital career? What does a technology career even look like? Is it just sitting behind a desk and coding with headphones on?

We will be bringing together a small, intimate group of women who are maybe passionate, curious, scared or even skeptical about the process of cross-training into an entirely different career!

Our very own Ria Blagburn has only recently moved from a pure Marketing Role (running her own business!) to joining our IT Technology Team. She hasn't had to sacrifice on earnings, career potential and she's gained a whole new purpose in her career.

We will have an open discussion around core, transferrable skills, and some of the challenges people have faced when starting a new career from afresh.

We will also be sharing some key tips for organisational leaders on what they can do in terms of process and structure, to help attract and support women going through the process.

we will only be hosting a small group, so everyone is able to participate and ask questions / share their experiences. To register your space, please sign up here

Location: Alpha Works