This is the very first year of DIDFest, so there are lots of ways everyone can get involved. The aim is to help drive behaviour change and action, across the whole-ecosystem. So even just by turning up to one of the events, you’re doing your bit!

If however you’d like to do more, please see some suggestions below. If you have an idea that’s not included, please do get in touch with us to share. We’d be happy to help and support in whatever way we can!


Brilliant! YOU are amongst the group of people that are going to help make this Festival really special!

There are so many different types of events you could run, including those open to the public, or just something small and internal for your own team. From catch ups over coffee, right up to large-scale conferences.

Drop us a note here to let us know you’re interested in running your own event. We can then chat about if you already have the plan / idea in mind, (in which case, great!) or, if you have an idea, but need some extra support in planning it out. We’re here to help on both accounts.


Our aim is for all the events to be independently run and managed, however there may be some fantastic ideas that crop up, that need a bit of support and funding. This could be anywhere from drinks or food, right up to larger conference style events. If you aren’t able to provide your time, but still feel passionately about the community, and supporting the Diversity in Digital initiative, then there will be a number of opportunities to help sponsor and fund some events. If you would like to know more or have specific ideas in mind, please get in touch with the team and we can follow up with further details.


It’s a well-known fact that at most technology and digital events, most of the speakers tend to be men, and we would love to see more women speakers sharing their perspectives. However, there are so many fantastic men in the industry and local community who really know and understand how important this initiative is, and, who have great advice to share. So this isn’t going to be a ‘Women only’ Festival. We are also not solely focused on job title and what company you work for. We understand that there are a lot of people, who have incredible stories about personal growth, resilience, bravery, achievements and more that aren’t all CEOs at unicorn companies! We want this festival to be a real representation of our community - diverse, friendly and authentic.

So, whether you’ve spoken at loads of events, or if you’ve never spoken at event before, but you are interested, especially if you identify as female or non-binary… please get in touch so we can see what events and workshops you might be interested in.


First of all, thank you! We have lots of people that have ideas of what events to run, but don’t have the space to run them in. If you have somewhere in your office, or a larger venue that you would be happy to provide for the Festival, please get in touch so we can follow up with the details.